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Special Interest Groups

Some community members have already created some special interest groups and they are listed  below (the ones we are currently aware of). Should you wish to be involved in a group, or wish to create one not listed here that you are happy to open to others, then please provide that information for inclusion.

Contact the relevant Admin Contact to be included in the relevant WhatsApp group.

Royalston Birding Group

Description: This is a group of people interested in the birds found on Royalston. It is largely an informal, information-sharing group, but the odd presentation and/or outing has been organised as requested by members. This group includes people who wish to learn about birds as well as seasoned birders.

Admin Contact: Jean Ochse - 083 458 6908


Royalston Trails Group

Description: This is a group of people who enjoy walking / hiking the trails of Royalston. The plan is to walk the trails early on  a Saturday morning. There will be different difficulty of walks, aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced. Input on new trails, maintenance and improvements will be discussed in this group.

Admin Contact: Rob le Roux - 082 903 0645

Natty Knitters

Description: This is a social group which meets weekly - every Tuesday at 10am at Javali. Members bring knitting or other craftwork to do while engaging with members.

Non-knitters / crafters are welcome, hence the "natty" part of the name.

Admin Contact: Jean Ochse - 083 458 6908


Royalston Ladies Group

Description: This group is for the Royalston ladies to share information and ask questions about all things household, or anything appropriate to the interests of women.

Admin Contact: Rosanne De Beer - 062 020 8984

Woodridge Parents Group

Description: There are a number of Royalston's younger generation who attend Woodridge College and Preparatory School. Join this group to make contact with other parents and find ways to stay in contact and help each other out.

Admin Contact: Rosanne de Beer - 062 020 8984


Royalston Tennis Group

Description: Come and join us on the Royalston Tennis courts for a fun game of tennis. From beginners to the more seasoned pros. We meet on a Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm. Additional mid-week games are currently being considered.

Admin Contact: Fred Smith - 083 232 4493

Royalston Coastal Vegetation
Preservation Group

Description: The primary focus of this group is the preservation of the coastal vegetation. In order to achieve this we will be looking at the control of alien vegetation within Royalston. This is a long term project. First is to create a plan on how to achieve our goals. Part of this plan is a transition which does not denude the vegetation.

Admin Contact: Terry Ochse - 083 458 6907


Friday Afternoon Coffee

Description: Join us on a Friday afternoon at Javali for a cup of coffee and maybe indulge in some of Javali's delicious waffles or confectionary. We normally meet from 2pm.

Die BabyBoomers

Description: This group of friends meet every last Thursday of the month at the Boma for a casual hike, followed by a social get-together. There are various hiking routes ranging from 5 kilometres for those who are fit and shorter routes for relaxed strollers. Those who prefer not to walk, stay at the Boma and keep the braai experts company. After the hike, fires are ready for the bring-and-braai, a well deserved cup of coffee and lots of chats and laughter. Another highlight is the so called "Vat 5" - an initiative to get to know each other through music. When it rains or it's too windy, we meet at Javali for a cuppa-and-a-chat.

If you're young at heart, love the outdoors and meeting new friends, then the BabyBoomers is just for you.

Admin Contact: Fred Smith - 083 232 4493

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